Your personal sleep coach

47 %of adults responded that they have trouble sleeping
69 %say that they wake up between one and four times per night!

iX21® smartpillow: a pillow designed to improve the quality of your sleep.

* source INPES (French National Institute for Prevention and Health Education)
** source INSV (French National Institute for the Promotion of Sleep and Research of Sleep Disorders)

How the iX21® smartpillow works

An intelligent pillow

Fitted with imperceptible electronic sensors that do not emit any waves, your pillow accurately tracks and monitors your sleep cycles, movements and ambient noises - all night long.

A technology developed by sleep experts

The iX21® smartpillow was developed in collaboration with the CEREVES (Centre d’Etude de Recherche et d’Evaluation Vigilance et Sommeil de Nancy), a sleep research center in Nancy, France.

Sleep improvement

Your data is transmitted to an app on your smartphone (free download of the iX21 smartpillow app), which analyses your sleep on a daily basis. A personalized coaching*, which includes the processing of your data, the results and your sleep history, will give you advice on how to improve the quality of your sleep. The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.
* Subscription service:  2£ /month terminable at any time.  First month for 1£.

Easy to use

The pillow is easy to use and only needs to be charged once a week. (USB cable is provided). The iX21® smartpillow is machine washable (please follow the manufacturer's care instructions).

An intelligent alarm clock

The iX21® also includes an intelligent wake up system, which can wake you up at the best possible time within your sleep cycle. 

Easy, safe and comfortable!

The iX21® smartpillow is used… like any other pillow.

The iX21® smartpillow is fitted with the entire technology needed. You will not need any additional hardware in your bed or bedroom. You can even leave your smartphone in flight mode.
The iX21® smartpillow has a battery life of approximately one week. To charge the battery, simply open the zipper on the side of the pillow to connect the charger cable to the USB port in the pillow.

100% safe.

The pillow records your sleep data during the night without producing any waves. You can enable the flight mode of your smartphone. The data collected during the night is transmitted only after you have woken up and activated your smartphone. The emissions during transmission are minimal and much lower than those from Wi-Fi.


Thanks to its cluster fiber filling the iX21® smartpillow does not clump or become lumpy, and molds to the shape of your head and neck. When the pillow is regularly plumped up it retains its shape and fullness.
The sensors inside of the pillow are not perceptible. The iX21® smartpillow is easy-care and machine washable (please follow the manufacturer's care instructions).


The iX21smartpillow,
a real sleep coach.

Using an app developed by sleep experts, the innovative iX21® smartpillow provides a reliable sleep analysis and gives personalized suggestions and tips to improve the quality of your sleep and optimize your daily sleep habits.
The app builds on the user's sleep history. This means that the coaching can be continuously enhanced and the suggestions can be increasingly personalized.

N.B. : The goals of the suggestions made by the coach are aimed at improving the user's sleep quality. They are not meant to treat or heal pathological sleep disorders, which would have to be treated by a medical practitioner or sleep laboratory.

An intelligent alarm clock...

To wake up at the best possible time during your sleep cycle. 

Simply set the alarm time within a predetermined time slot. Your alarm will wake you up when you have reached a light sleep state in this time slot, making it easier to wake up and feel refreshed.

The iX21 smartpillow,
designed in cooperation with sleep experts.

The iX21® smartpillow was developed in close cooperation with scientists, professors of medicine and Cityzen Sciences, a globally recognized French company known for its expertise in the connected fabrics sector.

The astronaut Thomas Pesquet has even taken the smart Sports T-Shirt developed by Cityzen Science with him on his current ISS space mission for testing
The iX21®technology was developed in cooperation with CEREVES, The Center of Study and Research of Evaluation of Vigilance and Sleep in Nancy/France, a scientific research center for the treatment of sleep disorders.
The research and development department at ADVANSA rises up to the challenge every day - finding new solutions and implementing them without restrictions to fulfill consumer needs.

Your sleep

Tired human
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Sleep is very important for our well-being and our health... According to the INPES, we generally sleep 1.5 hours less than 50 years ago*and 47% of adults responded that they sleep poorly*!
* source INPES
Poor-quality sleep can have profound consequences on our health. These can range from daily fatigue and irritability to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, intestinal disorders, virus infections, depression, headaches, lack of motivation, learning disorders, early school leaving, professional worries, not to mention drowsiness at the wheel, the most common cause of accidents on the highway.

Fortunately there are solutions that will help you get a better night's sleep!

“I have a hard time falling asleep ”

Possible reasons:

  • Ignoring sleep cycles
  • Stress
  • Use of smartphones, tablets or computers directly before going to bed (the blue light emitted by electronic devices and the mental stimulation can disturb your sleep).
  • Vigorous exercise in the evening.


  • Respect your own sleep rhythm as well as your partner's. Go to bed accordingly early or late, get up early or late and try to keep your sleep debt as low as possible.
  • Stick to a regular routine; go to bed and get up at the same time every day - all week long.
  • A cold shower lowers your body temperature and promotes falling asleep.
  • Do some relaxation exercises when you lay down to go to sleep to reduce tension.
  • Refrain from using a computer or playing videos games one hour prior to going to bed.
  • Your body temperature decreases after exercising - but it sinks continuously. Refrain from exercising at least two hours before your targeted bedtime.
The ix21® identifies your sleep cycles and provides advice about the best times to wake up or go to bed - based on your personal sleep cycle.
The iX21® intelligent alarm will wake you at the best time within your sleep cycle.

“I wake up several times in the night”

Possible reasons:

  • Noise: street noise, environmental noise, your partner's snoring, the television...
  • Light
  • Time difference
  • Heavy meal before bedtime


  • Insulate your bedroom against noise, if possible, have the snoring treated... or use earplugs.
  • Use lamps with targeted light; make sure your bedroom is dark.
  • Try to get some sleep after returning from a trip or from work, and take a nap the next day if needed.
  • Eat a light meal in the evening; refrain from caffeine after 5 pm.
When making sleep recommendations, the ix21® will take nightly environmental noise into account.

“I don't get sleep enough sleep ... or I sleep too much”

Possible reasons:

  • Failure to comply with your own sleep cycles
  • Stress
  • Habits


  • Sleep debt: take a nap - even if it is only short - before 4 pm on the next day.
  • Get as much regular exercise as possible.
  • Put the recommendations for falling asleep more easily and sleeping through the night into practice to optimize your sleep.
Use the iX21® to identify and stick to your sleep cycles.