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Questions / answers

  • Is the iX21 smartpillow compatible with every telephone and tablet?

    The iX21 smartpillow works on all Android (version 4.3 and higher) and IOS (version 9 and higher) mobile devices, which are certified and in accordance with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) specifications.

  • When I launch the app I reach a screen that prompts me to: 'LOG IN' or 'SIGN UP'. What should I do?

    If this is your first connection and you want to create an account, click on 'SIGN UP'. Otherwise please click on 'LOG IN' to access your existing account.

  • If you are creating an acount, the following message will appear: 'Allow iX21 smartpillow to access your contacts?' What do I have to do?

    The authentification of the app via a Google account requires permission to access registered contacts. Your GPS coordinates and personal information will remain confidential and will not be commercially exploited. If you wish to deny access, we invite you to create a profile using your email address.

  • Can I follow the monitoring of my iX21 smartpillow on various devices, for instance a mobile phone and a tablet?
    You can use your iX21 smartpillow on several devices from the same account. The data will be accessible on all of the devices. You can therefore use your smartphone to control your iX21 smartpillow and your tablet to visualize the information provided by the monitoring and the sleep coach. However, your iX21 smartpillow will only be connected to one device at the time.
  • Does the iX21 smartpillow work when two people share the same bed?

    Yes! Each person can also have their own iX21 smartpillow.

  • Can I put my smartpillow inside a pillowcase?

    The iX-21 smartpillow works with or without a protective cover (a pillowcase or other case). However, it is important that the size of the pillowcase or the protective cover matches the size of your iX21 smartpillow. If you select a pillowcase that is too small it could constrict your smartpillow, which could affect the comfort and impair its function.

  • Will the smartpillow work if it is placed on another pillow or cushion?

    Yes. However, we recommend using the iX21 smartpillow alone to benefit from the maximum comfort given by its high-performance synthetic fiberfilling.

  • I have difficulties to connect (pair) my smartphone to the pilLow using Bluetooth connection. Why doesn't my smartphone recognize my smartpillow?

    Your iX21 smartpillow might be discharged: recharge it via its micro USB port concealed behind the zipper on one side of the pillow. Please note: be sure to use a standard USB power source such as your computer or a certified USB adapter. Have you gone to bed and your head is resting on your iX21 smartpillow, or is something squeezing the pillow? The Bluetooth connection turns itself off a few minutes after you rest your head on the pillow. This can be remedied by lifting your head off the pillow again, or by making sure that the pillow lies flat on the bed; then try to reconnect your iX21 smartpillow to the smartphone. Turn the pillow over. This will activate the Bluetooth for 5 minutes and facillitate the connection. With Android, and depending on the IOS version installed, you will have to enable the GPS as well as the Bluetooth for your smartphone to be able to connect to the smartpillow.

  • How can I stop the recording of my night?

    Disable the flight mode, check whether the Bluetooth is enabled and whether you are in 3/4 G. Enable Bluetooth and connect (pair) your phone with the pillow. Open the application to end the night by tapping on the pillow icon on the upper right. The data transfer will begin when the Wi-Fi is activated.

  • How can I stop the alarm?

    The alarm turns itself off as soon as you have lifted your head off the smartpillow. You can also turn the alarm off with your smartphone. The alarm turns itself off automatically after 30 seconds.

  • Why doesn't the analysis of last night appear after the recording has been stopped?

    The transfer of the data from the smartpillow only takes a few seconds. If your previous night is not displayed it may be that the mobile device is not connected to the Internet or the connection is unstable. In this case a message informing you that an Internet connection is required will appear on the display of the application. If the message continues to appear despite the enabled transfer of data in 3/4 G, we recommend that you also enable the WiFi. Check that the charger has not been pluggedin. This causes a reset and data will be deleted. It is important not to plug in the pillow from the start of night time monitoring until the data download is completed the following morning.

  • Why are the 'statistics' and / or 'sleep coach' sections empty?

    This information is only available for subscribers (the 1st month for 1£, after that 2£ /month, terminable at any time). A certain number of monitored nights are needed to obtain the amount of data required for the analysis to be relevant and generate information or advice from the sleep coach. To use all the functions offered by your iX21 smartpillow and the application, you will have to connect your smartphone to the Internet (3G / 4G or WiFi) and enable Bluetooth. The current week is displayed in the "statistics" section. Data will not be displayed unless you have monitored a night for the selected period. Try to select the previous week or go to the "month" display. If you have monitored nights for that period, the information will appear in the display.

  • How can I reset my iX21 smartpillow?

    To make a reset , simply plug in a telephone charger to your iX21 smartpillow via the micro USB connector and wait a few seconds. Your telephone might need 1 minute to reestablish a Bluetooth connection. Please note that if you carry out a reset, the data of the previous night will be deleted (unless they have already been saved on your smartphone). Please note: Be sure to use a standard USB power source such as your computer or a certified USB adapter (for example a phone charger).

  • Can I wash my iX21 smartpillow?

    Your iX21 smartpillow can be washed in domestic machines, at a 40°C delicate care setting. The spin speed must not exceed 900 revs/minute. Allow pillow to dry overnight in a well-aired dry place. Check the pillow is fully dry before use. Please note: Do not dry the smartpillow in a tumble dryer. The battery is not designed for exposure to machine drying temperatures.

  • Can I put my iX21 smartpillow in a tumble dryer?

    No. The smartpillow must not be tumble dried. The battery is not designed to withstand high temperatures.

  • Why won't my smartpillow connect when it is wet?

    Your iX21 smartpillow must be absolutely dry before use. Please note: Do not tumble dry your smartpillow. The battery is not designed to withstand high temperatures.

  • How long does my smartpillow battery last?

    Your iX21 smartpillow can be used for up to a week without a charge.

  • When does my iX21 smartpillow need to be charged?

    The battery level of the iX21 smartpillow can be checked on the app: click on the pillow icon to connect and display the battery level or see "My pillow" section.

  • How can I recharge my iX21 smartpillow?

    To charge the battery of the iX21 smartpillow, simply open the zipper on the side of the pillow and connect the charger cable to the micro USB port in the pillow. Use a phone charger. Optimal charging time is 3 hours. Please note: Be sure to use a standard USB power source such as your computer or a certified USB adapter.

  • What happens when the battery of the iX21 smartpillow does not have enough power left for a night?

    If your iX21 smartpillow does not have enough power to finish monitoring your night, your pillow will stop recording and go into sleep mode. To prevent this from happening, you will receive a message in the evening before you launch the monitoring warning you that your battery is low.

  • What do I do if my question is not here?

    Check the forum on www.ix21.net, and if you cannot find an answer to your question please send us an email at support@ix21.net